High White Mountains

It’s taken longer than planned… but “Songs From The Goose” – our first full length record – is nearly done! Look out for announcements about a CD release party soon!

Here is a sneak preview of one of the tracks!

“High White Mountains”

Songs From The Goose

Our first full length album – Songs From The Goose – is in the final mixing stage! We’ve got 16 original tunes tracked…. many of these feature Jesse Farnham on vocals – aka ‘King Goose’, as well as other special guests. Look out for the release later this year!


The Geese have some wicked fun shows lined up at some of our favorite venues, old and new!  Check out the Tour page for the list of upcoming shows.

We recently discovered that the messages and comments y’all have been sending us via the contact form were not being forwarded to the Whiskey Geese email address, so we didn’t see them until just now.  Sorry about that, it looks like we missed some good fun.  The address is up there now, so please feel free to write to us with any comments, questions, or booking opportunities.

Songs From the Goose, the first and strangest album from the Whiskey Geese, is still slated to be released eventually, so keep your ears and eyes open for any clues about it’s progress.